Potty talk

I survived.  Today I survived something that, until today, I had only heard to be something potentially life threatening, scandalous, and horrific.  Today I walked into the ladies restroom just ahead of a transgendered person.

What to do??  From our ungracious media and the propaganda folk, all we hear is hatred.  Supposedly these individuals are predators and perverts who only want to peep through the gap in the door and prey on us as we potty.  There I was…in the loo…with a decision to make.   I couldn’t run.  I had to pee!!

I entered the first stall.  She entered the second stall.  I pulled down my britches, sat down, and did what I went in there to do.  Although I didn’t look to see (because that would make ME the pervert), I can only assume that she did the same.  At no point was the sanctity of my stall violated.  We exited our stalls at about the same time, washed our hands, and moved toward the door….but only after I complimented her on the killer heels that I don’t have the balance or style to pull off.

We are a country obsessed with other peoples’ genitalia.  Personally I don’t think it is nearly the problem some people wish it was.  Instead of gender specific facilities, how about unisex toilets, and a second option with deadbolts, slide locks, a chain, and a chair leaned against the knob – just in case – It could be called “The room of delicate sensibilities”.

Not to disregard the concerns some people have for ‘our children’, but if you are concerned that someone might take advantage of your child while they are in the restroom, perhaps they are too young to go alone.  I’ve never heard anyone upset about a 5-6 year old boy in the ladies room.  Perhaps the parent or guardian might stand outside the bathroom of the child’s gender identity, to ‘guard’ as women do in sketchy bar bathrooms on a regular basis.  In any case, if we are teaching children about privacy and manners, then a casual encounter might result in questions, and THAT is where I think a lot of adults have problems with the scenario.  I’d imagine that some parents might be uncomfortable trying to explain the subject, and in my experience, some parents aren’t kind in their explanations.  Hate and fear only propagate more hate and fear.

I have no fear of sharing a bathroom with a transgendered person.  I have peed in the woods with bears and coyotes (and meth heads – who ARE scary), wiped with leaves, and felt no fear.  The only place I have ever felt unsafe using the bathroom was in a frat house full of drunken idiots who DID occasionally burst in wanting to see your bits, and the occasional attempt at other episodes of questionable judgement.  This was NOT okay.  THIS is what gets a reaction from me.  Another human being, occupying the stall next to me, checking their make up in the mirror, making sure there’s no spinach in her teeth….who cares??  Heck, I kind of wish she had spared a moment of her time to advise me on how to do that eyeliner too.

How about this:  How about we behave with respect to other human beings.  How about we behave with courtesy and kindness, even though we may not fully understand or embrace a lifestyle.  How about we just attempt to be better humans, and allow other people to live their lives as long as they aren’t hurting anyone.  The excrement will go down the drain whether you flush in the men’s or women’s potty.