First, let me be honest and say that I just attempted to search yon internet for the plural of Christmas…with insufficient conclusion.  Damned English language.  Christmas, Christmases, or Christmasses…given it is the Mass of Christ…In either case it is NOT possessive, so just accept the title for what it is.

It has become an annual tradition for my mother and I to use one of my limited days off to make a little holiday mischief.  Sometimes we bake.  Most often we venture out to the wilds of retail shops looking for those laughable odds and ends to give the family.  This year, as we drove, we started reminiscing some of our family’s memorable moments.  Around memory 14-15 it occurred to me that some of you might get a kick out of the family laughs, cries, and debaucheries.

Day 1 – Underwear

If there were two things you could count on receiving each year from Grandma, it was a tub of homemade Chex mix and underwear.  Unfortunately, Grandma didn’t realize how underwear sizing worked, and each year purchased the size that was the same as our age.  The average twelve year old doesn’t wear size 12 undies….but CAN eat their weight in Chex mix.

It has been almost 20 years we’ve celebrated without her.  I still have the last Christmas card she gave me.  It’s the Virgin Mary holding the infant Jesus in her arms.  Inside she simply wrote, “Merry Christmas.  I love you.”  Through all my moves, it has stayed safe, and remains one of my most treasured items.  It was never about the gifts.  It was about the time.


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