People are always looking for a deal.  I’m guilty of it myself.  The new current trends are ‘super couponing’ and price matching.  Nothing alarming here, and there are simple policies in place that we follow.  Regarding animals:  No coupons.  No price matching.  In my world view (which I’m certain is only mine), this policy is in place because THEY ARE LIVING CREATURES with a heartbeat and eyeballs, thus deserving of a nonnegotiable status.
Yesterday a man comes in and looks at the small furries for a minute before I approach him to ask if he has questions.
“How much is your gerbils?”
I reply with the price.
“How much is your guinea pigs?”
Again, I tell him the price.
“Well ______ (local competitor store) has them for less.  Do you price match?”
I explain that we don’t price match animals.
“What about fish?”
“What about that scorpion?”
I repeat that we don’t price match animals.
“What about snakes or lizards?  __________has them for $10.”
I take a deep breath, pondering exactly how insensitive or crass I intend to sound, then make the following statement.  “Sir, ______ does not have a license to sell animals.  They don’t sell living things.   And for clarification, an animal is pretty much any living thing that ISN’T a plant.  We do not price adjust animals.  If you need anymore assistance please let one of us know.”
Some days you just have to politely educate, then shake your head and walk away.


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