Blog sites suggest that this is the post in which I state my theme.  To be honest, I’m not really sure that there will ever be a theme here.  If that’s what you’re seeking, this might not be your pick..and that’s okay.  There will be nature stuff, picture stuff, no-kid-having and refusal to marry-type stuff and lots of social observation type stuff.  First and foremost, however, this is a place for me let out some of the creatures that bounce around in my head.  No, not multiple personalities, just ideas and commentary that often lead to a chain of thoughts that seem to take on a glitter or sparkle of their own.  There will be questionable grammar, the inevitable (as it pours out of my head) run on sentence, and most likely the occasional sprinkling of profanity. There will be abundant snark and wit, numerous observations from day to day, but there will also be honesty and reality.  In truth, I’m doing this as much for myself as for the numerous members of my community who have asked me to consider taking the project on.  I’m stepping far beyond my comfort zone in this endeavor so bear with me.


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